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We’re building the strongest software foundation

We actively engage in various philanthropic initiatives, supporting causes that align with our values and making a positive impact on the communities.


Our team

Meet our team

We are a dedicated group of individuals driven by our shared vision of making a real difference in the world.

Jennifer Lee


Tim Williams

Senior Engineer

Katie Adams

Product Manager

Alex Schiller

Marketing Talent

Paul Smith

Software Tester

Lisa Jackson

Sales Manager

About us

Our core values

We believe in forging strong relationships with our customers, partners, and employees, based on trust and mutual respect.

Work-life balance

Promoting a healthy equilibrium between work and personal life.


Open communication to achieve shared goals and great success.

Continuous learning

Encouraging professional growth, fostering a culture of curiosity.

Fun and enjoyment

Promoting a enjoyable work environment that fosters creativity.

Open communication

Encouraging clearly transparent communication at all levels.

Social impact

Making a positive difference in society by addressing social issues.

Global scale

Build for speed with AI

Join the AI revolution, and let our feature empower you on a global scale. The world is your playground with AI as your ally.



Users installed our plugin at least on a few websites they own.



Active users that use our plugin at least once a month.


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