Engineered for good.

From health to education, community development, and environmental sustainability, software engineering brings positive change worldwide. Our vision is a world in which software is a catalyst for positive social and economic change.

Coding for Humanity project

Coding for Humanity project mission is to offer free tools we created to lower the barrier of entry, coding courses and gives you access to our source code for you to have a real and positive impact on people's lives. The only thing we ask in return is that you just have to use your skills for good.

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Software Engineering

From the planning stage to deployment, our Software team works alongside you to fulfill your every need. It's not just about writing code. It's about helping your software program meet its objectives and providing you with customized solutions that work best for your business.

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Delivering AI-enabled capabilities

Utilizing the Mission Model Canvas we learned from the Hacking for Defense (H4D) program at the University of West Florida, we created  a solution call Enhanced Situational Awareness Platform (ESAP) to support our Air Force client.

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Security Awareness Episodes

These free security awareness videos were developed in partnership with Adobe, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and Speechless, Inc.


Organizations increase their impact with TEKIMAX solutions.

Working together
for a better world

The global problems of yesterday are still, for many, the problems of today. Help deliver technology-driven transformations with the potential to change all of our lives.

A spirit of persistence is critical to the experimental nature of innovation.

"Above all, never give up. Your desire to achieve propels you, motivates you and powers you to diligently push ahead."

...embrace this spirit