Build. Measure. Learn.

Our team collaborates and partners with various organizations to create technology solutions that positively impact the world.
Currently, we're:

Building a custom distance learning
solution for schools

We are building a distance learning web application to aid our educators and facilitate student learning and interaction in the new normal of distance learning.

Customers and Partners
Trusted by awesome companies including:

Maintaining Our Military Edge: Cloud Based Decision Support Solution

We call this solution the Enhanced Situational Awareness Platform, or ESAP
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Co-vision Oneness Prototype

The Co-vision Oneness platform isn’t just about visioning the future of Oneness Family School together, it’s about visioning the present.
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VinoFest Third Annual Wine and Music Festival

VinoFest celebrates memorable wine, flavorful music, a passion for food, diverse communities and charitable giving
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Tekimax Studio for entrepreneurs
startups and freelancers.

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