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Engineered for good.

Software engineering, including AI technologies, has the potential to create transformative impacts across diverse sectors - from healthcare to education, community upliftment to environmental preservation.

We are committed to building a future where technology serves as a driving force for global progress and betterment, bridging the gap between societal challenges and innovative solutions.

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Our Current Project

As a software engineering team dedicated to making a positive impact, we're proud to share some of our past and present projects. From developing innovative software solutions that support environmental sustainability, to creating cutting-edge applications that promote social change, our team is committed to using our skills for the greater good

AI-Powered Dementia Care Assistant

MemoryCompanion is an AI-powered dementia care assistant designed to support individuals with dementia, their caregivers, and healthcare professionals. Our intuitive and user-friendly app offers personalized features and resources to help users navigate the unique challenges of dementia.

In Progress
VisualMind AI

VisualMind AI utilizes AI technology to develop an advanced visual learning curriculum tailored for students. By offering personalized, adaptive, and immersive educational experiences, we aim to captivate learners, stimulate creativity, and enhance learning outcomes in various educational environments. Our mission is to instill a lasting passion for learning and unleash the full potential of students globally, ensuring education remains accessible to everyone.

In Progress
Delivering AI-enabled capabilities

Daryl Meade, Christian Kaman, and Lloyd Mageo, hailing from the University of West Florida, pooled their expertise and varied backgrounds to develop an innovative app. Daryl, a retired Army interrogator, contributed invaluable insights into military communication systems, while Christian and Lloyd added their distinct technical abilities to the endeavor. This collaborative effort culminated in a genuinely impactful solution.

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Welcome to Hoops Circle, your ultimate social basketball app that enhances your basketball journey by connecting you with friends, teammates, and family in an engaging and dynamic virtual environment.

Let your game
do the talking!™

Hoops Circle empowers you to elevate your game, forge lasting relationships, and celebrate your love for basketball in an exciting and immersive environment. Take a step forward and let Hoops Circle be your trusted companion on your basketball adventure.

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Security Awareness Episodes

These free security awareness videos were developed in partnership with Adobe, the National Cyber Security Alliance, and Speechless, Inc.



Making a Difference Through Basketball

Uniting the Next Generation Through Basketball: TEKIMAX's Hoops Circle App Aims to Foster Lasting Connections and a Positive Social Impact

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