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Customer Discover

We help you find a set of reasonably valid hypotheses to truly understand your customer’s pain.  Customer discovery is possible the most vital step in our process.  Validation, without a quality hypothesis, will result in nothing more that the knowledge that something went wrong.

Understand customer problems, needs
and contexts.
Look for early adopters.
Gain a strong understanding of what a solution might look like.

Minimum Viable Product

A version of your new product that allows your team to collect the maximum amount of validated learning about customers with minimal effort.

Test an idea with real users before committing a large budget to the product’s full development
Learn what resonates with the company’s target market and what doesn’t
Release a product to the market as quickly as possible

Software Development

We are utilizing the Extreme Programming (XP) software development framework to produce higher quality software, while providing a higher quality of life for our development team

Software development methods based on iterative and incremental development.
Requirements and solutions evolve during projects.
Rapid response to change.
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User Experiences

We create a practical, meaningful, valuable and effective aspects of human-computer interaction.

High-fidelity Prototype

High-fidelity prototypes look like live software to customers, meaning participants would be more likely to behave naturally during testing.

Zendesk Integration

We are a reseller partner with Zendesk, who provides software for support, sales and customer engagement.  This empowers us to deliver lightning fast implementations and scales solutions to meet needs

Mobile App design

Our mobile app design is structured to minimize the cognitive load.  The human brain has a limited amount of processing power.  When an app provides too much information at one time, it can overwhelm the user and lead them to abandon the task, or even the entire app

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