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As a Microsoft partner, we play a critical role in supporting customers, not only in the initial transaction, but throughout the entire customer lifecycle, from deployment and adoption to ongoing management and support.

How to move your
email to Office 365

This guide will alert you to eight of the most important issues that any small to medium-sized business (SMB) should consider when planning and performing a migration to Office 365.

Modernization triggers

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Multiple automated syncs with no data loss

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Cloud transformation including
Requirements analysis
Applications evaluation
Office 365 plan selection
Solution architecture

Cloud migration and backup, security and compliance
Migration risk assessment
Environment transition planning
Application transitionplanning


Project management
Change management workshop
Cloud service provisioning
Email system migration
Cloud backup implementation
User transition training
User deployment and rollout
Monitoring, reporting, and management
Capacity management
Data recovery and restore services

Top 4 Benefits of Moving to the Cloud

Small to midsize business (SMB) owners often share several common questions about switching to the cloud, such as how secure it is, where data is stored and accessed, the costs, and how data is migrated.

We’re here to answer your questions so you’re confident working in the cloud, making the most of its security, productivity, and financial benefits.


Many SMBs take security a step further to protect their productivity. They add a Cloud Backup service to O365 to keep all their data stored indefinitely so if they should encounter a breach or need deleted files, they can instantly recover them.


More than eight in 10 workers report checking their email outside of normal business hours, according to Statista, so it’s important that owners and their employees can easily access this tool.


Microsoft Office applications like SharePoint Online and PowerPoint help businesses easily share and update files and collaborate. You can manage documents offline, then synchronize back to the server when you reconnect to the internet.

Cost Savings

SMBs that adopt Office 365 increase mobile worker productivity, save $40,000 in hardware upgrades and software costs, and reduce costs from third-party software and services by 19%, according to the “Total Economic Impact of Microsoft Office 365” study from Microsoft and Forrester Consulting.