Software Engineering Intern

Part-time (Unpaid)
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Internship Description

tekimax seeks an intern with experience in software design, coding, debugging, and screen casting. The intern will gain exciting real-world software engineering experience at a thriving company.

We frequently work in small teams to solve problems, explore new technologies, and learn from one another. The ideal intern for this environment will be enthusiastic and collaborative.


  • Document and test new software applications
  • Assess new application ideas
  • Record (coding, programming) explanation videos
  • Develop applications/ web app (coding, programming)
  • Interview beta testers


  • Computer Science/Network Engineering, Engineering, or Mathematics major
  • Excellent analytical and mathematics skills
  • Ability to work in teams
  • Experience programming in C, C++, JavaScript, Angular9, jQuery or Java


  • Practical experience with a wide variety of software engineering tasks
  • Collaborating hand-in-hand with skilled teams of software engineers
  • Shadowing, mentoring, and training opportunities with seasoned professionals
  • Opportunity to participate in networking events and company meetings
  • Flexible schedule for students
  • Compensation not-available

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