Engineered for good.

Our Mission

We're helping people and organizations achieve their goals and objectives in ways that were not previously possible and touch the lives of millions of people we have yet to reach.

We work to transform obstacles into opportunities, problems into possibilities, and challenges into catalysts by providing fully customized technology solutions to companies, government agencies, and communities.

We are driven by a desire to help people navigate the complexities of the digital world, making the confusing world of technology approachable, accessible and less intimidating.

Core Strengths

Entrepreneurial Fire - We are fueled by a fire of passion for our work, and compassion for our communities.

People-Centered Approach - We put the human above the machine. Our work is masterfully executed with the end user in mind.

Impactful - We believe in making more than profit, we believe in making an impact on our clients, people, and the community at large.

Timeliness - Delivering within expectations

Insightful and Understanding - Combination of expertise and solutions-driven focus to deliver what the client needs.

Community Engagement

We bring the best of TEKIMAX ™ to help solve some of biggest challenges combining volunteering, innovation, and technical expertise to support underserved communities and provide an opportunity for everyone.

Christian Kaman Christian Kaman at the Future of Florida Summit 2019Christian Kaman Christian Kaman Christian Kaman Christian Kaman at the Future of Florida Summit 2019christian kaman at UWF

Our Values


We are driven to make a difference not only in the lives of our clients, but also in the world. We believe in the power of doing well by doing good and strive to give back in ways that impact the quality of life of communities, locally, regionally and globally.


We recognize that balance is important for healthy and thriving environments. We work to find the balance between work life and personal life.


We know that trust and confidence are built on foundations of honesty and truth. We work to ensure transparent communications throughout each and every interaction, stage and relationship.

A spirit of persistence is critical to the experimental nature of innovation.

"Above all, never give up. Your desire to achieve propels you, motivates you and powers you to diligently push ahead."

...embrace this spirit